The mission of Evergreen is to maximize the benefits of customers by providing the highest quality products and after-sale service at the most competitive price with a principle of "customer first". As a qualified supplier in the field of electronic components, Evergreen is your best choice!

By virtue of global sourcing network and extensive professional experience, Evergreen provides customers with swift access to information, reliable quality standard and competitive price, one-stop convenient procurement, flexible solutions. It has become the spot purchasing partner with many famous enterprises in the world. With a good reputation and success in the industry, Evergreen is accredited as the best independent distributor with a continuous availability in 2009 on by Global Sources.

Evergreen Electronics currently distributes three thousand line items, covering integrated chips, capacitors, resistors, transistors, diodes, triodes and connectors. Expertised in the supply of shortage, End of life, popular materials, Evergreen deals with optical projection, computer and network equipment, mobile communications, automobile electronics, consumer electronics, medical devices, precision instruments, control systems, digital products, and new energy applications.

Through extensive international procurement channels and advanced global parity system, our company quickly responds to customer demand, rapidly finds the shortage of materials at a price advantage, reduces supply chain management costs; meanwhile, with a wealth of experience on materials management, extensive customer base, and powerful e-commerce capabilities, Evergreen can have the excess inventory realized in time to promote capital turnover.

Quality Control

Ever since the date of the establishment, Evergreen Electronics insists on providing customers with reliable, high-quality, new and original components. With the ISO9001: 2008 certified management system we ensure that incoming material detection, storage and logistics are implemented via supplier screening and quality management to achieve our commitment to customers.

Market Recognition

Our services, products, information and quality policy allow us to be a leading independent distributor. The canonical E-business magazine ranks Evergreen Electronics as the best independent distributor for the following achievements we have made.

--Focus on the spot market of electronic components and provides customers with BOM (Bill of Material) cost optimization service

--Serve customers for market trends with its rich sources of information

Elaborate management of the supply chain network enables swift solutions of customer problems

Service quality assurance is the primary criterion for Evergreen  

Global Sourcing, Local Services

Evergreen provides emergency supplies or ordering services for more than two thousand electronics manufacturers in three continents in the world.

As a leading independent distributor of electronic components, we have set up branches in Hong Kong, Shenzhen (Mainland of China), Canada and Britain providing 24-hour service for customers worldwide. Rapid response operations and punctuate material delivery have always been one of our supply chain service standards.

Our Clients

Evergreen has been endeavoring to meet clients’ demand for materials which are in short supply, optimize clients’ BOM and help them deal with overstocks via the channel resources accumulated over the years. We have become a long-term verified supplier to a great many clients. 

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