As a leading distributor of electronic components, we have cooperated with numerous manufacturers and agents on favorable terms.We attach great importance to the accumulation of experience, technology and market information and offer all-round services to clients based on our professional knowledge. We have maintained steady business cooperation with over 3,000 leading clients throughout the globe, thus always staying ahead in the industry.

In the electronic manufacturing industry the production cycle can be rigid, and thus the shortage of materials can lead to production delays and result in direct and potential losses. A considerable number of manufacturers will, as their first port of call, turn to Evergreen when confronted with such material shortage.


Evergreen Electronics distributes more than three thousand line of electronic components and provides all-round services for over two thousand clients across the continents. Our professional people ensure prompt and reliable delivery of products required.


Ever since the date of the establishment, Evergreen Electronics insists on providing customers with reliable, high-quality, new and original components. With the ISO9001:2008 certified management system we ensure that incoming material detection, storage and logistics are implemented via supplier screening and quality management to achieve our commitment to customers.


Evergreen has accumulated considerable experience in join purchasing partnership with large-scale EMS factories. Therefore, we can provide our clients lower purchase prices. We dedicate to welcome more clients to jion our purchasing partnership and enjoy the benefits. If you are interested in this plan, please don’t hesitate to contact us.